Saturday, January 19, 2008

mycanthus brush pack 1

I wanted something similar to those nice swirlly acanthus type leaves used on money, important documents, and other ornamentation.
So I made my own version as a brush pack --

I call this pack 'Mycanthus' – since I didn't stick with traditional acanthus leaf designs -- but I'm happy with the way they look --
and they look fairly ornamentally - (is that a word???). -- But use as you like.

They are watermarked -- (somewhere deep in the very structure of the vector itself)

Brush color is black - with tints and shades blending
Being Illustrator you are encouraged to edit, bend, change, and mutilate to your hearts content;
just have fun and make stuff.

1. Download -
2. Unzip to - Adobe Illustrator\Presets\Brushes
3. Draw swirlly or whavy type line
4. Apply bursh of choice
5. experiment with "stroke" size, direction, color, etc...etc...

Download here


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