Monday, March 24, 2008


Hellsing logos and inscriptions Brushes

Brushset by mistressmariko
A set with errrr... lots of brushes (haven't counted them... 13 at least). All the logos and inscriptions you find in the manga and the anime: the manga logo, the anime series logo, the oav logo, the oav cross, hellsing coats of arms, cromwell's invocation, the cute bat logo (I'm truly sorry but the quality of this one is not really good. done my best with the manga image but still it's quite pixelate...), hellsing in blood letters, the 'bonnie and clyde' tag (hell's gate open), the nazi croos rip painted on the warship, the boodoo motto (people murder people), the inscriptions on back of anderson's gloves (jesus christ is in heaven... I haven't the 'speak with dead' one), the inscription on the jackall... and I think that's all).

Wow took time to gather them all!!! Use manga and anime images, except for the coats of arms I find on google. They look particularly good in blood red (well, some of them are in blood letters soooo...), itwas hard to find a way to show them all on the preview!
well I hope they'll be useful, for background or just to have the real logo on alucard's gun or gloves!

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Download here