Friday, November 9, 2007

Very cute puppies

I have been quite busy these few days, didn’t go out for the weekend, not even to play badminton which is usually a must for me. Did I tell you, if I didn’t play badminton for a week, my hands will feel itchy? Haha,… perhaps that is just my excuse so that I get to sneek out to play badminton more. :)

Anyway, nothing much to write today, so why not enjoy some super cute puppies photos? They are so adorable I believe you will want to hug them in your bed tonight!

The photographer must be pretty skillful too, look how he managed to catch the action. The puppy looks so lively.

Yes, certainly there are differences, the professional photographer must be using some high tech DSLR camera for the small difference in picture quality. I am using a low end compact camera, remember? Hehe.

They must be hungry… look how they ask for food!

Wow, enjoying his food in “My Bowl”.