Thursday, December 6, 2007


Flowers Brush set

Flowers Brush set :) Enjoy

Download here


Fashion Models 18

So Cute girls :) Enjoy!


Orchidee’s Masques brushes

Pinceles para Photoshop.
Nice mask Photoshop brushes! :) Enjoy!

Download here


AlphaWorks-Transparency Effects

Transparency Effects

Version 3.1

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for quickly removing black or white values and making the region transparent. There are 6 different options for you to choose from, depending on the type of image you are working on (colour photo, mono photo, lineart).

It requires the use of "layers" so remember the effect must be applied to an image that is on a layer above the background in order for it to work.

Feature Overview

  • Easy to use dialog layout
  • Drop-down menu
  • 6 internal filter options
  • Various slider controls
  • Zoom preview area in/out

Compatible Image Modes

  • RGB 8 bit mode (24 bit images)

System Requirements

PC : Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, plus any host graphics application that supports the Photoshop *.8bf format plug-in standard.

Mac : Sorry, there is no MacOS X compatible version available at the moment.

You will also need a graphics program that supports the use of "layers" for this plug-in.

Please note that not all graphics programs are 100% compatible with plug-ins. Consult your program's documentation for more information regarding the installation and use of 3rd-party filters, thank you.


Download the zip file, uncompress all the files to your chosen "Plugins" folder, configure your host to look in that folder (if necessary), then restart your graphics app and the new effects should appear somewhere in the filter menu. This is the basic procedure for installing plug-ins. However, some hosts have slight variations so for more details please read the documentation that came with your graphics program.


These files are FREEWARE. You may install them on as many computers as you want! You may use them without any charge for creating both personal and commercial work

While every effort has been made to ensure the compatibility and stability of these resources, no warranty is given on their use. Cybia is NOT liable for any damage or loss of data resulting in the use of these files.

All resources are Copyright © S.W.Upham 2005. This agreement does NOT grant you any intellectual property rights in the software.


Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Photoshop-compatible host application

* Please note that not all graphics programs are 100% compatible with plug-in filters. Some will display the controls a bit differently or certain features may not work properly. Consult your program's documentation for more information regarding the use of 3rd-party plug-ins.

This filter was programmed specifically for Adobe Photoshop but it should work fine with many other hosts too. If you encounter any compatibility problems then please report the details and I will do my very best to fix any errors that occur, if possible.


1. Please remove any previous version of AlphaWorks before installing Version 3.1
2. Unzip all the files to your chosen "Plug-Ins" folder on your hard drive
for example ... C:\Photoshop\Plug-Ins\Cybia
3. Start your graphics program and configure it to look in that folder for extra plugins
(not all software will require this step, please refer to the instructions given with your host)
4. Exit your program and re-start in order for your configuration settings to take effect
5. Open an image ready to edit, making sure it is in RGB mode
6. AlphaWorks should now be available from the "Filter" menu in the "Cybia" section

Download here


Photoshop flower brushes

Photoshop flower brushes. Nice brushes :) enjoy!

Download here


Sanrio Photoshop Brushes

15 cute brushes in this set, contain hello kitty, keroppi,... :) Enjoy

Download here


Flowers Brushes by hawksmont

Some flowers Photoshop brushes!
24 brushes...or maybe 28? I don't remember :)

Download here


Photoshop Sketch brushes Set 1

These Sketch Brushes were handmade by d4rkest.
These are Photoshop brushes and should be compatible with most Photoshop versions. Please inform me if they are not.

There are 22 Brushes total.

Download here


Di Gi Charat Nyo Brushes

This is a cute brush set made since almost no one has made a Di Gi charat brush set. Well, as far as I know.

All artwork copyright to Koge Donbo.

Download here