Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Peace - Lord of the Rings brushes

By Shiranui

You wonder why the title is "my peace"? Well, somehow this is a way I handle with the feelings I have for this story. I lost a friend because of the fanatism a fantasy like that can cause that. Our friendship broke because I couldn't handle to go in the cinema with my masqueraded friend (I did it once and I actually could hit me for that.. what shame that was) and her fanatic friends and because this story was the whole signification in her life finally. Well, that's my view of this.

Anyway! Because of this I learned to hate Lord of the Rings with passion. But today I thought.. "Hey, go on!" And why not? That's my way to make my peace with this story and to bury a part of my life I finally want to forget. Yah, I know, it's not the most awful thing. But it bothers me now and then. And I want this to make this little thing stop. A little thing woun't do anything. But what if there are hundres of these little things..?

Ok, here we go! My peace is reached. This set isn't done with love. So I actually don't care if anyone will use it or not :)

Download here